UKULELE DAYS Invades Europe via Swank Hotels, Sweet Messages..

Ever heard of the Adriatic Sea?  Ever been to Croatia??  Well, I've never been there, but my record Ukulele Days has. 

I woke up to this sweet note from an old friend across the pond, and when she tuned into the hotel radio on her TV, I was there. Well, two songs from Ukulele Days, anyway.

So I've made them as free downloads just now as a little celebration of their reaching Europe, in a swank 5-star hotel, no less. 

Feel free to grab them, if you'd like. Or just stream them. 

They're both here: 

Just click on "I'll Miss These Days" or "Lauren, Lauren" and play or download.  Only takes a few seconds.

Do you have a favorite ukulele song?  Any ukulele songs/artists I should know about?  Lemme know in the comments below..  Thanks!

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