Hailing from North Hollywood, CA, the Brady Harris Band is a Rootsy-Beatlesque quartet big on harmonies, chord changes and the occasional female cover version (Go-Gos, Blondie, Grace Jones).  “Stellar…Imagine if the Beatles were from Texas” is how Keith Creighton of Popdose describes their sound.  Having played gigs up and down the Central and Southern California coast since releasing their critically acclaimed debut EP, NoHo Confidential (“A wonderful, best-of-the-year worthy EP…this will be in your Top 10 for sure.” –Allen Haber, PurePopRadio),  the BHB are back with the full length follow-up, NoHo Calling. And ready rock the NoHo Sound anew. 

Formed through LA musico connections, kindred bands and North Hollywood bars, the BHB first played a one-off gig to support Brady at a dingy bar on the industrial stretch of Burbank Blvd.  Then the rehearsals continued and the setlist grew as did the gigs.  John Adair handles lead guitar, harmony vocals and is the BHB’s in-house producer and multi-instrumentalist.  It’s true, he has performed with George Thorogood, Slash, Vince Neil, and many others.  Tall, dark and handsome and a devotee of cold showers. Band nickname: Dreamboat.  Marc Bernal holds down the bottom end and also sings harmony.  A Spaniard and die-hard FC Barcelona & Harry Potter fan, he can be frequently found at LA’s historic Wiltern Theater, working the stage and sound.  Band nickname: Marcness.  Steve Markowitz keeps the time on the kit and also sings harmony.  He gets mistaken for Sandra Bullock's ex, and occasionally James Hetfield from Metallica.  Fun fact: Steve’s dad sang the Scooby Doo theme.  Band nickname: MacWizz.  Brady sings, plays guitar and other stringed things.  A former busker (London & Paris) Brady is a devotee of Mexican lagers and loves it when people play themselves in re-enactments on TV detective shows.  He can be found watching Unsolved Mysteries re-runs from the early '90s on a TV from the early '90s in his Hollywood hovel. Band nickname: Brisket.

Hang with us as we roll out our new album and much more.  Sign up on the email list below and stay in touch.  Download NoHo Calling and it’s predecessor NoHo Confidential which AbsolutePowerPop called “Another slice of unique Beatlesque-Americana. No need to keep this one confidential”. 

Thanks and cheers til we see ya.

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